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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient medical system, which
has existed for over 3000 years in China. The theory of TCM is based on
Chinese ancient knowledge of anatomy, acupuncture, physiology, herbal
knowledge and clinic experience. In this system, doctors will diagnose a
patient with special techniques involved with detecting the patients'
symptoms, pulse, tongue, and physical & emotional conditions etc. After the
doctor gives a diagnosis, the patient will receive treatment including herbal
medicine, acupuncture or other oriental therapies to get rid of the disease.

Dr. Qijian Ye has 35 years medical experience and was formerly a full
professor at Southwest Acupuncture College
( in Albuquerque New Mexico. Dr. Qijian Ye
earned his medical degree in China in 1983 and then served as a surgeon.
Now Dr. Ye is a licensed Acupuncturist in Washington State since 1995 and
he is a nationally certified acupuncturist & herbalist as well

. Dr. Ye is very happy to be a licensed acupuncturist in U.
S. so that he can help so many people with the unique combination of
excellent acupuncture & Chinese herbal skill and solid Western medical
background. We are sure you will discover this yourself and enjoy our
services as well. Both Dr. Qijian Ye & Amy Shi are national board-certified
acupuncturists & herbalists, and licensed acupuncturists in Washington
State. You can find our biography on this website's  "About Us" page.