About Dr. Qijian Ye

a general surgeon for 9 years in China. Even I graduated from Western medical school in China, which offered
several required TCM courses for medical students to take (That is a big different from medical school here), so I
had got basic TCM training when I was a medical student.  

Since I graduated in 1983, I had practiced primarily in Western Medicine. At that time, I did not know about TCM
very much even I had completed numerous TCM courses in medical school. When I was in China, I had worked
as a general surgeon over there. I worked at the First Affiliated Hospital of HMU. Because the hospital I worked is
an affiliated Hospital of HMU, so mainly I did both surgeries and teaching for medical students as well. Right after
I graduated, I rotated in the different surgical departments as a resident first. Each surgical department I would
stay 3 months or so such as Neurological Department, Urological Department, Cardiovascular  & Pulmonary
Department, Burn Department, Anesthetic Department, Orthopedic Department, etc. After I had completed my
rotation, and I worked in general surgical department specialized in general surgical field and served as resident;
chief resident & attending surgeon. I did average a couple of surgeries per day such as Stomach, Intestines,
Spleen, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Breast, thyroid and vascular problems, etc.

I had enjoyed my surgical work very much to solve patients’ problems while I was in China. I was busy and busy
all the time, but I was pleasant to work like that. One story made me liquefy my knowledge I had studied. I had
once operated a patient who was 46 years old male and suffered from the cancer of Pancreatic head. After I
opened patient’s abdomen, I found that the cancer was not operative. The cancer had spread all the over in the
abdominal cavity and the cancer had firmly adhered to local big arteries and veins. At this point, surgery could
only cause more spreading and could not remove cancer totally. After I discussed with other members of my
surgical team, we gave up and informed the relatives of patient. We only did symptomatic surgery like drainage
for reducing general bile duct pressure because of the head of pancreas blocking the general bile duct that
making obstruction causing jaundice. We knew the prognosis was very poor for this case. We recommended
patient to try TCM, and he did try. The result was amazing, not only did he feel much better but also the results
from laboratory were improved. Patient was supposed to dying instead of improving. Unfortunately I did not track
him how long he survived, but this case still made me think a lot about TCM.

Even I treated a lot of patients with Western therapeutic procedures, I also use Chinese herbs to restore patient
body resistance and to boost patient immune system mostly for postoperative patients. TCM was a part of my
culture, I respect and admire TCM. After that case, I even respected more to TCM. I could not explain why TCM
could work so well in healing the tough medical problems. Until September 1992 after 9 years surgical medical
practice in China, I had a chance to visit United States of America. There were many TCM schools in United
States of America, which amazed me big time. I never thought that United States of America would have so many
TCM schools and so many people love to receive TCM treatments. Because of my curiosity, I visited TCM
schools in Washington. Another thing had captivated me when I visited. TCM schools here have the much
diversity of acupunctures and herbs from different countries such as Japan, Korea besides TCM. I could not
image that TCM developed so well here with Western style as well. I still found that TCM schools had excellent
faculty team with original training from different countries. That made the education much stronger.

I was intrigued about these integrated Oriental Medicines while I visited United States. My scientific mind wanted
me to know more. I stayed and returned to school in Bastyr University in Washington to study TCM
systematically. It was strange to “start again” as a new learner, but I was fascinated by what I was learning. Many
puzzles to TCM when I was a surgeon had been solved during my study. For instance, I understood TCM deeper
“why does TCM work?” “How does TCM function?” “What is the major difference between TCM and Western
Traditional Medicine?” “What is the major difference between Acupuncture and Chinese herbs?” and so on.

Since 1992 I have shifted my career to Traditional Chinese Medicine & have been practicing Traditional Chinese
Medicine only ever since, The reason I changed my career to Traditional Chinese Medicine is that the powerful
medical results of natural healing arts-Traditional Chinese Medicine drove me crazy to find out why Traditional
Chinese Medicine works so well to solve medical problems. When I was a surgeon, I knew Traditional Chinese
Medicine superficially. In order to broaden my knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine, I had completed
my master of science in Acupuncture in 1995. I went back to school to study TCM. I did enjoy my TCM study and
explored deeper about TCM. For example, if someone suffers from peptic ulcer. When I was surgeon either using
non-surgical or surgical procedure to treat patient such as the drugs for neutralizing hyperacidity and antibiotics
for killing bacteria or partial gastroectomy based on what conditions patient had. Even I know that patient’s
problems resulting from hyperacidity and bacteria that I treated for, but I never think deeper why patient suffered
from this peptic ulcer. TCM thinks different ways about this problem. TCM treats not only symptoms but also the
root causes. At that time, I thought that hyperacidity and bacteria were main causes. TCM considers that patient
had weak constitution that caused patient’s peptic ulcer, which is the root problem TCM talks about. If this
problem never gets solved, patient could suffer from other medical problems besides peptic ulcer. General
speaking, TCM tries to regulate patient’s “Yin” and “Yang” or “Qi” and “Blood” with using acupuncture or Chinese
herbs. Every patient with medical problems has internal balance problems either Qi and Blood or Yin and Yang.
So TCM focuses the root boosting patient’s body resistance and harmonizing patient’s internal environment in
order to keep ultimate health for patient to prevent from getting further or other medical issues. That is the best
benefit patient can get. Readers can get detailed theories from this website.

After I graduated and decided to stay in United States, because I love this country that has so many nice and
open-minded people and has little TCM practitioners. I am so glad to be here with my solid Western medical
background to use acupuncture or Chinese herbs helping my patients. After 3 years practice in Washington, in
1998 I moved to New Mexico to teach and work at Southwest Acupuncture College. I had been a full professor
and academic dean at Southwest Acupuncture College for 8 years (www.acupuncturecolleg.edu) & practiced in
my own private clinic as well. I am also a national diplomats and national certified acupuncturist & herbalist from
NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Please see www.nccaom.

What is my major purpose to make this website? I have intuition about TCM, which will enter mainstream in United
States in the future. Even more significantly, I saw how TCM and scientific medicine are complementary. They do
not contradict one another. In fact they offer a highly compatible healing tool if the practitioner using them
understands how they work together. Many people love this powerful, natural therapy with fewer side effects. I
believe that patients who are informed about different kinds of resources can make the best choices.
Understanding ways of healing that cross cultures and traditions can open up a new world of health. Allopathic
medicine is what most Americans know. It has its limitations. By learning what TCM can offer, a committed curious
patient can find solutions beyond anything imagined.

In order to help people explore this medicine more, I really want to build this website to let people know more
about it. This medicine definitely is the gift for the human being. I have been thinking about making this website
for quite a while, because of my busy schedule so I never complete this task. In last a few years I keep getting
numerous reports from my patients who suffered from stubborn medical problems. They did not get significant
results after they tried different therapies except Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Since they got optimistic
recovery from Traditional Chinese Medicine, they wish that they had tried Acupuncture or Chinese herbs long
time ago instead of searching medical assistance in the darkness so long. Most patients do not know about
Traditional Chinese Medicine very much. After they suffered too much & got minimum result or no progress, they
want to seek different ways to solve their medical problems. Some of patients positively look for Traditional
Chinese practitioners (such as Acupuncturists) for some medical assistance, and some of others get some
medical suggestions or recommendations to see Traditional Chinese practitioners from doctors, friends or
relatives. But one point I should clarify is both medicines (Allopathic & TCM) have advantages & drawbacks, as
long as patients can get all advantages from all medicines except hindrances. The patients are the most
beneficiary people.

But you know, and some of patients came in our Acupuncture or Chinese Herb Clinic with very tough medical
issues that could be many years. The number of the years of the patients suffered from medical diseases closely
affects the medical results very much in both medicines. Most patients came to see Traditional Chinese Medical
practitioners too late because they did not know about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) very well in the very
beginning stage of their medical problems. They can get very optimistic recovery in the beginning stage if they
come earlier. Just like fixing your car, if your car needs oil change or tune up. But this never brings your
attention, that could cause big problems later & cost more money, or even that cannot be fixed at all. You can
replace your car, but you cannot replace your life for sure if you have medical issues.

I have treated a male patient who suffered from backache. His story made me astonished. He still kept asking his
orthopedic doctor to do something for his backache even after experiencing 4 times back surgeries. That doctor
said that he could not help him at this point with surgical procedures and recommended him to try some other
therapies. When I saw this patient who only could stand up around 2 hours per day, the rest of time he must lie
down on the bed. The miserable life made him mentally and physically totally exhausted. After I have treated him
for a while, his back movement got much easier and flexible. That was winter right before the Christmas, he told
me that he chopped wood for fireplace. I did not feel happy about his chopping the wood because he did not
totally recover yet. He told me the story because he got excited about his recovery. But anyway we both feel very
happy about the recovery.

The biggest motivation for me to make this website is to help people know this natural, powerful, authentic &
effective medicine-Traditional Chinese Medicine, understand this medicine better and know how much benefit
they can get from it. I knew that I needed to write about what I was seeing. I wanted to develop a guidebook for
patients who wish to use TCM but had no idea what to look for, how to chose a practitioner and how to
collaborate in a healing process so different from their norm. Nowadays, people are getting tired with chemical
medications & unnecessary surgeries. They thought that they did not have any choice for selecting allopathic
medicine. The answer is very clear. Traditional Chinese Medicine is another medicine for people to choose to
solve their medical problems as well. Why do I say this? Whatever the medicine is, as long as the medicine can
bring the best quality of patients’ life back or solve patients’ medical problems. That is a good medicine. Readers
can get answers through reading this website & witness some clinical reports in this website to get some ideas.

I am very happy to be a licensed acupuncturist in U. S. so that I can help so many people with unique
combination of excellent acupuncture & Chinese herbal skill and solid Western medical background. I am sure
you will discover this yourself and enjoy my treatment as well.

Licenses and Certifications
Licensed Acupuncturist - License # 261 - State of Washington
Doctor of Oriental Medicine- License # 656-State of New Mexico
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine - Cert # 50301- National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental
Medicine (NCCAOM www.nccaom.org )
CPR Certified - American Red Cross

About Amy Shi, L.Ac

I envision a community living in optimal health; a people in charge of their well-being and realizing their true
potential as empowered, balanced and healthy individuals.

I believe that we are each created perfect, whole and complete. Illness is a manifestation of the imbalance of our
emotional, spiritual and mental lives.  In a world in which so many people are experiencing physical, emotional
and mental illness, that idea may be hard to believe.  However, when we can see ourselves as a complete
individual that vision can give us a goal to work toward when, physically or emotionally, we are feeling anything
but complete.  By mentally focusing on health and well-being we can more easily reach and remain in that place.

Healing is not something that is done to someone, but rather something that is done by someone.  The body and
mind have tremendous power to improve one's physical condition.  Outside intervention by means of
acupuncture, herbs, nutrition or other modalities serves to assist the body's energy in finding its true inner

I view every patient as a unique individual expressing his or her own truth.  I care for each person in this way,
giving the individual attention he or she deserves.  When I work with my patients I consider myself a facilitator.  
By observing a patient and listening to the history of his/her condition I determine where the energetic imbalance
is.  I then draw upon my knowledge and experience in Chinese medicine to guide the patient's energy back to a
state of balance by means of Acupuncture, Moxa, Cupping, Gua Sha, Herbs or other modalities.  

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, Degree Awarded July 2005
Southwest Acupuncture College, Albuquerque, NM
This Masters course requires completion of 3045 hours in the seven branches of classical Oriental medicine:
acupuncture, herbal medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, exercise/breathing therapy, Western medical science,
and clinical education; 1095 of these hours is practical clinical experience.  The majority of training is
concentrated on acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  

Licenses and Certifications
Licensed Acupuncturist - License # 2790 - State of Washington
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine -  Cert # 50901- National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental
Medicine (NCCAOM www.nccaom.org )
CPR Certified - American Red Cross
Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic
I, Qijian Ye, was born and raised in medical family in
China. My mother was a pharmacologist, and father
was a civil engineer. When I was young, I had
influenced from my mother very much to be a medical
professional. Even I was young, I always played with
stethoscope on the baby toy. When I grew up, I still
wanted to get into medical school to be a doctor to
help patients. Eventually I qualified to enter medical
school in 1978 and trained as a medical physician
. After I experienced 5 years medical study and
graduated from Western medical school (Harbin
Medical University-HMU) in China in 1983, I have
practiced both medicines (Allopathic & Traditional
Chinese Medicine-TCM) and had served as